Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness is just restarting its payroll giving function, and taking the time to sit and go through Mervi’s detailed report and recommendations was the best decision we could have made at this stage. Sometimes you just need an expert to point out the things you really know you should be doing, and to help with thinking through some of the systems and sequences to get through. I fully recommend this as worthwhile, whatever stage your payroll giving scheme is at.

Fiona Magor

Individual Fundraising Manager


ActionAid were keen to increase the number of donors recruited via payroll giving and we commissioned Mervi to review our activity. The presentation, documentation and advice she delivered was brilliant for both short-term practical wins and laying out longer-term strategic objectives. It was thorough, accurate and tailored to ActionAid’s aims and needs. Mervi is clearly a real expert in her field and we would highly recommend her payroll consultancy service.

Laura Johnson

Senior Acquisition Campaign Manager


Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS)

Initially I approached Mervi to get some clarity around our payroll giving process and what we could do better. Mervi ticked all of these boxes and more, she analysed our current situation providing clever tips and guidance. Mervi was, at times, very firm in her advice but this showed the level of her expertise in Payroll Giving and her determination to ensure that her client got the best from their experience. I would absolutely recommend Mervi for a total and comprehensive understanding of your current practises, how they could be improved and advice in ensuring your payroll giving is a key driver of support and income in your organisation.

Criona Knight
Corporate Fundraising Manager


RSPCA wanted to review where we were with Payroll Giving and understand all of our opportunities. We worked with Mervi on a thorough, extended assessment project, which included internal fact finding as well as interviews with all the relevant stakeholders.

It was invaluable to have fresh, independent eyes evaluating our situation. She was not only able to help us understand our current situation but point out some opportunities we had not necessarily thought of.

Mervi takes a very practical approach, with plenty of recommendations to take forward.

We would recommend using her services when it comes to making the most of Payroll Giving.

Hannah Boakes

Senior Marketing Executive - Donor Recruitment

St Clare Hospice

Mervi contacted me at at a time that we were proactively looking to grow our payroll giving programme. She took the time to get to know us a charity through a thorough assessment. Mervi then gave tailored advice and highlighted some practical next steps for us to get on with. She provides the resource and infrastructure to grow the project where they are lacking and I thoroughly recommend her personable and solutions-focussed consultancy. Thank you, Mervi.

Amy Jacobs
Corporate Partnerships Manager


In 2017 Bliss needed to review its payroll giving processes as we’d noticed a decline in payroll giving activity and recruitment of payroll givers. Mervi helped us identify some new areas of activity we could focus on and helped deliver practical solutions, such as a recruitment campaign with one of our charity of the year partners. With a small in house team which covers all areas of individual giving, as well as payroll, it was really helpful to have her specialist knowledge to help us develop this area of Bliss fundraising. Since Mervi’s input, we’ve seen a net gain in numbers of payroll givers, which is very pleasing!

Rachel Hedley
Senior Supporter Engagement Officer


Shelter had an established Payroll Giving programme that was in need of revitalising.  Mervi met with teams across the organisation and put together a detailed and comprehensive list of recommendations, from how we work with corporates to how we communicate with our existing donors, which we are now working on taking forward.  Mervi is an expert in Payroll Giving and her input will significantly benefit our Payroll Giving programme.

Ruby Dickens

Senior Direct Marketing Executive, Acquisition

Amnesty International UK

We were keen to review our Payroll Giving programme and increase the number of donors we recruited each year, so we commissioned Mervi to review our current activity. The analysis, advice and documents that Mervi provided were excellent. They clearly outlined short-term ‘quick-wins’ for us to put in place, but also included depth around longer-term strategic goals for us to think about. All her recommendations were in line with our aims as an organisation. I would definitely recommend Mervi as an expert in the field of Payroll Giving

Abbie Cooper

Direct Marketing Coordinator

Plan International UK

When Plan International UK made the decision to grow payroll giving, we contacted Mervi to review our current position and help us come up with a strategy to reach our goals. She came to the consultation equipped with short-term as well as long-term wins, and she dug deep into the details to help us understand our current position and what the potential for this channel could be. Now we are in a much more confident position to growing payroll giving and we would recommend Mervi’s service to anyone who is eager to do the same.

Samantha James

Supporter Acquisition Manager

The Passage

The Passage has worked with Mervi to explore the opportunities for introducing Payroll Giving as a brand new income stream. Mervi prepared and ran a half-day workshop for fundraising and finance staff that was tailored to our particular needs and circumstances. Mervi has a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in her field, she is approachable and patient and took time to really understand the brief. She also made the session fun and enjoyable for all, breaking down quite complex information into workable actions. As a result of the session, we are now able to make informed decisions about where to focus, we have a good understanding of payroll giving generally and we’re armed with some practical solutions that will enable us to promote and launch a payroll giving campaign later this year.

Emma Russell 
Head Of Income Generation and Communications


IoF Chilterns Group

Mervi delivered a presentation for the Institute of Fundraising Chilterns, of which I am a member. Mervi was a pleasure to deal with before the event and was very well received by our attendees, who comprised fundraisers of varying levels, backgrounds and causes.

Mervi was excellent in making the topic of Payroll Giving engaging, informative and accessible to any organisation. She has the ability to captivate the audience with her personality and is extremely knowledgable on the subject. I know that I definitely was able to take away some key learnings from her presentation.

Emma-Louise Singh

Fundraising Consultant